Equipment Sale

Macpi March Equipment Sale

Henderson Machinery Inc. is the United State agent for Macpi, that being said we have some new and used inventory of pressing and bonding equipment.​

Macpi-335 Sew-Free Tape Bonding

Macpi 335.31 Sew-Free Tape Bonding

Applies 6mm, 8mm, & 10mm wide bonding tape. Programmable touchscreen with 20+ save-able profiles.

Macpi 555.37 Leg Seam Pressing​

51″  long leg seam press. Great for inseams and outseams for final and intermediate pressing. Electronically heated buck, no boiler needed. 2 units in stock.

Macpi-555 Leg Seam Pressing
Macpi-500 Carousel Heat Press

Macpi 500.37 Carousel Heat Press

Electronically heated carousel press.  Shape size 2-9″ x 19″ programmable temperature, dwell time & vacuum.

Macpi 339.32 Gripping Tape Application

Applies Faitplast’s With Me gripping tape onto a tubular garment.  Cylinders for 70, 100, 120, 150mm diameters.

New and welcome to sample at our Greensboro NC Showroom

Henderson Machinery Inc. can also supply With Me gripping tape.

Macpi-339 Gripping Tape Application